Message Slow Drivers in the Left Lane to Move Over with These Durable, Plastic Signs!
Slow Drivers in the Left Lane, Move Over!
I wanna pass!
                    drivers move over passing lane        slow drivers move over left
slower traffic keep right
Stepping On Mars: An Evolving and Unauthorized Elon Musk Biography - snowplow shirts and more ( I'd Rather Be Plowing, Let it Snow, Wing It)
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Early Mustang tshirt,
                        monster truck, scott deutyRather be plowing snow
                        plow bib, scott deuty
  • Hold the sign up or hang it from your mirror! 

  • Large Business Envelope size (9" by 3 3/8")

Ten for only ten bucks!
slower traffic keep right except to
                            pass, scott deuty

Monster truck child's tshirt